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Author & Motivational Speaker

With his big smile and even bigger personality, Richard Taylor hails from Chicago, IL. Growing up on the Southeast Side of Chicago, Richard was exposed to a number of unsettling issues in his youth; but he remained focused and maintained his stance as a positive influence for his peers. Richard dealt with insecurity, low self-esteem, and feelings of worthlessness that resulted from being bullied and ridiculed in his childhood. These issues followed him into young adulthood and later contributed to self-destructive behavior.


At the age of 26, Richard Taylor is on a mission to be one of the influential voices for his generation and the generations to come. His high-energy motivational series “Getting Over The Hump” and debut book “Unashamed” have quickly positioned him as one of the fastest growing speakers in the market. Richard’s story of overcoming morbid obesity, depression, suicide, failing in college and domestic abuse, have struck a change within high school and collegiate students through out the country. Richard inspires the masses to tap into their inner potential to create the change they want to see.


Richard specializes in the areas of:


Your Destiny


  • Relationships: From being in an abusive relationship to diligently working to be a successful husband, Richard holds nothing back. Taylor discusses his relationship hang-ups and engages his audience with a real life position on what it takes to build and cultivate a healthy relationship.


  • Self-Esteem: Self Esteem is huge part of your process and your personal success. Finding your identity is easy with Richard’s heart to heart, about how he was able to end a life a of depression and suicide in order to attain greatness and finding his true self in the process.


  • Decisions: As Richard states “The Decisions that you make in life Determine the Difference between your Destiny and your Demise”. During your process you will be faced with life altering decisions and during these times your decision making is critical. Richard’s focus for you is to make the right decision more often to ensure your success. With every step comes the decision to make another.


  • Athlete Development: In this series Richard tackles the sometimes rough and transitional issues that athletes  face on and off the athletic ground. This in-depth session deals with the social and academic responsibility that comes with being an athlete at any level. It is important to protect your image as you go through the process and athletes are a big target as it relates to public perception.

Your Demise


  • Suicide Prevention: Depression and suicide seem to be at an all time high. As you go through your process, life may cause you to feel like you want to give up sometimes. For Richard it was through attempted suicides, and what he quickly discovered was that it wasn’t just physical. Not only do we commit suicide on our lives, but on our dreams and goals too.


  • Ish Happens: This is as real as it gets, we try our hardest to do right, be our best and wait for our turn at a better opportunity, hoping for a break. But all of the issues of life continue to pile up.  When Ish happens it gives easier access for demise to take place, because you feel like nothing will ever change. You’d rather lay down and let life happen to you knowing that you will never make anything more of yourself and the life you’ve been given.


  • Death to Leadership Development: Too many times we hear people teaching leadership development, when true leadership is a gift thats edified by going through your process. Leadership is a trait that is learned hands on, not at a conference or a seminar. Richard doesn’t want you to fall into your demise by being a leader that others tell you that you should be.


  • Relationships: Relationships can be so sweet and enjoyable, but bring so much pain and agony. We can be so blinded by what we think is love, that we ignore the obvious signs pointing to destruction. Spending so much time and equity into a person, who wasn’t putting the same into you can cause you to think and act like you’ve never done before. Toxic relationships can place you in a repetitive cycle of heartache and mistakes that lead you on a fast pace to demise.

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