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Richard has multiple ways of getting his message across. You've seen the videos, and now here's your chance to read the literature and support the message. Richard has three books Unashamed: The Process of Reconstruction, Between the Dream, and his latest Love Between my Scars and a line of "Starve the Beast" t-shirts. Please click on the links below to place your order of these collectible items!

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Unashamed (a self-help book) is based on Richard Taylor’s personal struggles due to bad decisions and a self destructive lifestyle. When Taylor felt there was no way out, he made a life and death decision — suicide. After making that decision and surviving, Richard decided to change his life for the better. Although faced with the many problems life can sometimes bring, he decided to embrace the process of healing….reconstruction.


Unashamed is not only a personal look inside a young man’s struggle with family, relationships and self esteem, but is a vivid representation of the life that many people silently face.


The Process of Reconstruction

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Between the Dream:

Love Between My Scars

Depression plagues the lives of millions daily. Suicide claims the souls of thousands on a regular basis. This deadly duo has a way of invading the personal space of the most innocent being. From childhood to adulthood, the possibility of a person experiencing depression or contemplating suicide has shifted from a private matter to a public battle. For any and everyone who has encountered feelings of doom and despair, there is good news for you. On the other side of your pain, there is a life of peace and joy and a promised purpose for you to be more than what you see. 


In Love Between My Scars, Richard L. Taylor, Jr. delivers us the ultimate example of a “pain to purpose” story. Fighting his way through personal struggles of image, self-love, belief and lies, Richard manages to transfigure his mess into a message that is sure to connect, captivate and comfort readers of all ages.  


“Between the Dream” is dedicated to individuals working towards their passion and goals, those who might be on the verge of giving up, and those who have put their dreams on hold completely. The author Richard Taylor’s purpose for “Between the Dream” is to inspire and assist the reader in becoming mobile in their pursuit.

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Between the Dream

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- Book Reviews -

“This book is phenomenal. I just finished reading it. It has definitely blessed me with the courage to tell my story in the written form as well.Many times I have felt alone in my struggle as a single mother. But silence is a killer, its only when we open up about our TRUE STORY, and lay it all on the line that we are liberated from shame and when we emerge from darkness that we realize that we are not alone. This book is empowering! Keep up the great work Richard!!!”

- Aisha B.


“Gut-Wrenchingly Honest! I encourage every male and female to indulge in this quick read by Richard L. Taylor Jr.! It discusses a multitude of things most mostly how to face resentment, rejection and how to discover your true potential. I commend him for discussing some hushed issues in the minority community like: suicide and eating disorders. God bless him for sharing his story and being so honest. A must read!”

- LeVincia

Order your copy of Between The Dream now. After you order your copy, share this message on your social sites: “I just ordered my copy of #BetweenTheDream by Richard L. Taylor Jr. I’m not losing, I’m not failing, I’m simply Between The Dream!”



"Richard Taylor is an enchanting young voice whose life story embodies values like courage, inspiration and resilience. His second book 'Between the Dream' offers readers, especially Taylor’s Millennial generation, with critical guiding lights to help us all persist through the inevitable tests and trials that emerge en route to fulfilling our dreams. “Between the Dream” is motivational mission fuel for anyone who dares to dream. Read it & Reap!"

– Shawn Dove

CEO, Campaign for Black Male Achievement


"Richard Taylor is the epitome of motivation. Taylor’s open book transparency takes his readers beyond the norm and causes them to dig deep into issues that we sometimes don’t want to face. 'Between the Dream' will be a guiding light for anyone seeking to further themselves in any aspect of their life."

– Stephen Powell

Chief Program Officer, National Cares Mentoring Movement



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