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"Between the Dream..."

“Between the Dream” is dedicated to individuals working towards their passion and goals, those who might be on the verge of giving up, and those who have put their dreams on hold completely. The author Richard Taylor’s purpose for “Between the Dream” is to inspire and assist the reader in becoming mobile in their pursuit.

Unashamed: The Process of Reconstruction

Unashamed (a self-help book) is based on Richard Taylor’s personal struggles due to bad decisions and a self destructive lifestyle. When Taylor felt there was no way out, he made a life and death decision — suicide. After making that decision and surviving, Richard decided to change his life for the better. Although faced with the many problems life can sometimes bring, he decided to embrace the process of healing….reconstruction.


Unashamed is not only a personal look inside a young man’s struggle with family, relationships and self esteem, but is a vivid representation of the life that many people silently face.

With his big smile and even bigger personality, Richard Taylor hails from Chicago, IL. Growing up on the Southeast Side of Chicago, Richard was exposed to a number of unsettling issues in his youth; but he remained focused and maintained his stance as a positive influence for his peers. Richard dealt with insecurity, low self-esteem, and feelings of worthlessness that resulted from being bullied and ridiculed in his childhood. These issues followed him into young adulthood and later contributed to self-destructive behavior.

"Your decisions determine your Destiny and Demise..."

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