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Release the Shame of the Dream

Joseph was chastised for the dream he had. His family interpreted it as if he thought he was above them, when in fact he only had a dream.

Whatever your dream is, TODAY, be bold enough to work towards it.



I Am a Conqueror! I Am a POWERFUL Creator with G.O.D! I Am on Purpose! I Am Whole! I Am Full! I Am Joyful! I Am Love and Loved! I Am Unashamed!


My Struggle was that I hated the world. I felt like people didn't care about others feelings… particularly mine if I'm honest.

The reality is that we as people are the constant in our life and without learning to behave outside of ourselves, we can become or remain self centered and self focused.

I Am no longer operating from the paradigm of not being vaules.

When I did I abused my body and lied to my heart to fight the feelings of knowing what I was doing was wrong for me.

Glory to God for having everything in my life serve me for the Greater Good.

I would smoke and get drunk and have reckless sex. I had few standards and boundaries. I lacked substance and direction. My life was in shambles. My spirit was crying out for connection, while my body numbed out the pain.

A lifetime of practice allowed for smiling faces and pleasant interactions. So much so that those around me didn't even realize the burden that I carried.

The Consequence

By keeping all of my pain to myself I wasn't able to address it and heal. Just like any internal and celestial aspect can, it expressed itself externally and terrestrially on my body and in my life.

I began to cut myself hoping the moment of pain on my body would take the pain away from my heart. Unfortunately, it didn't. Even when the cutting was acknowledged it seemed taunting that I was ineffectively attempting to kill myself.

So, as a result, I dived deeper into numbing myself and more into any connection that felt good.

This led to me messing up and constantly changing households. I was not going to easily give up all that I held dear. It was my lifeline.


Eventually I hit rock bottom. I began chasing things with more meaning. Things that had good cores yet I was looking at the perception of being successful in every role.

I had become a wife and mother.

In my mind that was completion of my vision. So I felt I had nothing else to do in those areas. I had the position and the title but not the accountability for my responsibility.

It became a shift of focus in to changing people's lives vs showing up in my own.

My marriage began to fall apart and my children were overwhelming me.

I had lost connection and control. God stepped in and finished the work he did in me. He solidified a New mind in me and opened my eyes to see the power that I hold in my BEING. Through the speeds that I speak and the work of my hands, I have been gifted and able to express the Glory of God in my life.

The breakdown looks something like you're standing in the eye of a storm and you can't do anything about the wind and the rain destroying what you're looking at. In the midst of it you know that you will survive and be ok. Your job is to focus on BEING the fully aligned expression of God as God has allowed this to happen in your life. Everything in your life is for your best and highest good.


Because of this, I am ALIVE. I am dedicated to enjoying every aspect of my life. I am faithfully walking in my purpose and trusting that I am good enough to do what I love to do and be without worry or anxiety about life. I am a woman of integrity and I value men.

I am a Life Transformation Catalyst to encourage presence and engagement with God to heal and restore families and communities.

This shift starts withIN.

I, Me, We See

Between The Dream

I am Between the Dream of living like a queen ruling my territory with delicious banquet parties and decked out decor. Celebrating and discussing life with the people that help keep it full as we heal and rise to new levels.

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